Status on the S&P500 going into the Q3 earnings season

The earnings season kicks into gear this week with earnings from PepsiCo, Costco, McCormick, Constellations Brands and others. The week from October 14th to 18th sees JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, BoA, J&J, UnitedHealth, Coca Cola and others reporting. Revenue as well as dividends and stock repurchases are at all time highs, but operating income and operating cash flow seems to be suffering from the trade war between China and the US. The figures below summarise the numbers for S&P500 going into the earnings season.

Operating income
Operating cash flow
Repurchase of stock and dividends paid

Some companies have very high payout ratios and their dividend might be at risk of being cut going into a recession.

Schlumberger [SLB]
Altria [MO]
Philip Morris [PM]
AT&T [T]
AbbVie [ABBV]
Ford [F]
Time series of trailing annual dividend yield
Time series of dividends paid

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